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I came to Fort Nelson in my late teens to work in the then-booming logging industry.  I have lived in Fort Nelson for more than 30 years, settling here in the spring of 1988.  Together with my wife we have four children that were born and raised here. Only due to the recent economic downturn have two of our children had to move elsewhere for more gainful employment.


I have operated a small general contracting construction firm here in Fort Nelson since May of 1989, and until recent years Fort Nelson has provided a good living for us through this business. 


Over the years I have been involved with the Home Based Business Committee and Agricultural Advisory Committee.


I have recently become part of the Fort Nelson Rotary club and a board member and current president of the Fort Nelson and District Chamber of Commerce.


Myself, along with another former Fort Nelson resident have designed, built, transported and exported into Mexico a water well drilling operation that is being used for charitable purposes to peoples in Mexico lacking good drinking water. This is currently set up and operational with our partners in Northern Mexico.

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