Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

2014 Election Results

At 1:35pm on November 18, 2014, the Chief Election Official officially declared the results of the 2014 General Local Election in the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality and School District 81 as follows:


Bill Streeper  (Elected) 840
Kim Eglinski 700


Regional Councillor

Danny Soles (Elected) 1145
Laurie Dolan (Elected) 1083
Kyle Andrews (Elected) 1077
Todd Osbourne (Elected) 927
Doug McKee (Elected) 868
Lorraine Gerwing (Elected) 865
Nathan Bauder 586
Skip Hall 500


School Trustee

 Bill Dolan (Elected) 1071
 Mike Gilbert (Elected) 1026
 Linda Dolen (Elected) 1007
 Doug Tofte (Elected)  998
 Eric Ashdown (Elected)  868
 Yvette Taylor  673


Non-Binding Opinion Poll Question

"Are you in favour of staying on Mountain Standard Time (Pacific Daylight Time) the whole year around, as is currently done in other Northeast BC communities such as Fort St. John and Dawson Creek?"

 Yes 1096
 No  371


In total, 1554 electors cast their ballots in the 2014 election.


Preliminarily Results



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