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Northern Rockies Regional Municipality - BC's First!

The NRRM, incorporated on February 6th, 2009, is the first Regional Municipality in BC and officially combines the former entities of the Town of Fort Nelson and the Northern Rockies Regional District. The boundaries of the NRRM mimic that of the previous Regional District, encompassing about 10% of provinces landmass (85,148.87 km2 or 32,876.16 square miles).

Some of the key differences between the former local government system and the new Regional Municipality are:

  • The NRRM is responsible for rural public roads and rural policing
  • The Province no longer collects the Provincial Rural property tax and tax collections in the rural areas are transferred to the Regional Municipality
  • Rural subdivision approval is transferred to the Regional Municipality
  • The powers and responsibilities of a Municipality including planning, land use, and bylaw application now extended to the border the new Regional Municipality

The NRRM is also home to one of the most progressive tax regimes in the province. As endorsed by CEPA and CAPP, the "3.3 Ratio Industrial Rate Policy" firmly links residential and industrial property taxes to industrial taxes providing all parties with tax fairness, certainty and predictability.

Local access to the regional tax base, the simplification of single-tier government, the broadened authority of local government, and the formation of the Economic Forum to facilitate meaningful and effective communication and co-operation will all work to the benefit of all citizens of the Northern Rockies.

Fort Nelson's State of the Community Report: A discussion on local socio-economic conditionand resources in 2017

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