Northern Rockies Regional Municipality


Do you have an issue that you would like to bring to Regional Council's attention? At regularly scheduled Council Meetings, residents are welcome to present their issues via a delegation to Council.

Anyone who is wishing to appear before the Regional Council as a delegation must inform the Corporate Manager or the Deputy Corporate Manager of the subject of the delegation in writing, by 3:00 pm the Tuesday prior to the regular Monday meeting.

Delegates have a presentation time limit of 15 minutes, and are limited to no more than two spokespersons. Please review the Delegation/Petition Policy for more information.

Please note that any decisions required to be made by the Regional Council, following a delegation's appearance, are not usually made until either later in the meeting or during the next regular meeting.

For more information on Regional Council procedures, please view the Regional Council Procedure Bylaw No. 01, 2009.

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