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Tax Sale Procedures

The Northern Rockies Regional Municipality Tax Sale takes place annually on the last Monday of September at 10:00 am. Each parcel of real property that has taxes which are delinquent will be offered for sale by public auction. The tax sale is a public auction of properties within the municipality which have outstanding property taxes from 2 years prior to the current year.

The 2019 Tax Sale list can be found online here.

Notice of the time and place of the tax sale and the description and street address of each property subject to tax sale must be published in at least 2 consecutive issues of a newspaper.

The last publication of the tax sale must be at least 3 days and not more than 10 days before the date of the tax sale.

The minimum upset price is the lowest amount for which the property will be offered for sale, which includes all delinquent and arrear taxes plus interest, current taxes, registry and administration fees.

The highest bidder above the upset price or, if there is not bid above the upset price, the bidder at the upset price, will be declared the purchaser.

If there is no bid or no bid equal to the upset price, the municipality must be declared the purchaser.

When all properties have been sold, the tax sale will temporarily adjourn until 10:00 am the following morning, at which time any properties that haven't been paid for will be resold.

The successful purchaser must pay the collector the amount of the purchase price with cash, money order or certified cheque by 12:00 pm of that day.

The collector will provide a signed certificate to the purchaser describing the parcel sold, the sale price and will state that an indefeasible title will be applied for on the purchaser's behalf at the end of one year from the date of sale unless the property is redeemed.

Within 3 months of the tax sale, the collector must give written notice of the tax sale including the day the redemption period ends either, to the owner(s) of the property by serving the notice or by registered mail.

The property owner has one year to redeem their property. A redemption is made by paying the collector the upset price, all costs of which the collector has had notice that have been incurred by the purchaser in maintenance of the real property and in prevention of waste, taxes advanced by the purchaser, interest to the date of redemption on the total amount expended by the purchaser.

During the period of redemption, the owner retains the right to possession of the tax sale property.

The purchaser ONLY has the right to enter on the tax sale property to maintain it in proper condition and to prevent waste, but otherwise has no right of access.

On redemption of a parcel, the purchaser is entitled to receive from the Municipality all amounts paid by the purchaser, together with interest to the date of redemption at the rate prescribed by the Provincial Government.








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