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Property Tax Deferment

Tax deferment is a low interest provincial loan program that helps qualified B.C. homeowners pay their annual property taxes on their principal residence. There are certain situations where property taxes can’t be deferred.  If your tax deferment application is approved, the Province of BC will pay your property taxes on your behalf and place a restrictive lien on your property.

It can take several months to process applications so you may not get a response until after the property tax due date. If your application is received by your property tax office before the property tax due date but is approved after the due date, you won’t be charged a late payment penalty. However, if the Province of BC Deferment Program finds that you aren’t eligible for deferment and it’s past the property tax due date, your property tax office will charge you a late penalty.

To find out more about the tax deferment program, visit the Province of BC "Defer Your Taxes" page.


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