Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

Home Owner Grants


All property owners can now claim their current year home owner grant by submitting their application to the Province.


There are no changes to program eligibility requirements.

How to apply?


Eligible B.C. homeowners can apply for the 2021 homeowner grant now:

  • Apply 24/7 online:
  • Apply with an agent: Toll-free at 1 888 355-2700, Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5 pm.
  • Apply 24/7 using a *voice recognition application:  Toll-free at 1 888 355-2700

Homeowners can use the voice recognition application if:

  • Their eligible home is a principal residence, and
  • They are applying for a basic or additional grant

Note: if a property owner uses the self-serve voice recognition option, please note, they can connect with a live agent if they wish at any time.


*Voice Recognition active May 17, 2021

Municipalities will no longer accept any applications.

Where should homeowners go with questions?


Homeowners can find information about this change at:

What information do I need?

  • To apply you will need the tax roll number or civic address that is listed on your property tax notice.

    Note: Northern Rockies Regional Municipality jurisdiction number is 255.

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