Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

Property Taxes

Each year after adoption of the financial plan but before May 15, according to bylaw Council must impose property value taxes for the year by establishing rates for:

  • the municipal revenue proposed to be raised for the year from property value taxes, as provided in the financial plan, and

  • the amounts to be collected for the year by means of rates established by the municipality to meet its taxing obligations in relation to another local government or other public bodies (i.e., Regional Hospital District).

Property value taxes are based on the assessed value of land and improvements, other than land and improvements exempt by statute.  Separate rates are established for each property class.  Property value taxes are deemed to be imposed on January 1 of the year in which the Tax Rate Bylaw is adopted.

Tax Levies Imposed by Other Authorities

Your annual tax notice includes ALL property taxes - those imposed by the Municipality and those imposed by other governing jurisdictions.  The Municipality collects taxes on behalf of others as follows:

  1. School/Police Taxes: These are remitted to the Provincial Government
  2. Assessor: These are the B.C. Assessment authority taxes
  3. MFA: These are the Municipal Finance Authority taxes

Property tax rates can be viewed on the Property Tax Rates page.

Answers to other questions regarding property taxes can be found in our Property Tax brochure [PDF - 107 KB].

Please Note: Within the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality the Province no longer collects the Provincial Rural property tax as tax collections in the rural areas now have been transferred to the Regional Municipality.

The NRRM, based in Fort Nelson, is home to one of the most progressive tax regimes in the province and is endorsed by CEPA and CAPP. The "3.3 Ratio Industrial Rate Policy" firmly links residential and industrial property taxes to industrial taxes providing all parties with tax fairness, certainty and predictability.

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