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2019 Budget

Every year the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality (NRRM) reviews and approves a budget that sets the tax rates to fund important services to the community.  Regional Council has begun its review of the 2019 municipal budget and this process includes the opportunity for you to provide your feedback on how your tax dollars are collected and spent.

The Northern Rockies is undertaking a phased approach to budget process, providing a preliminary budget for review and comments to help shape the final budget document which, once approved, is used to set tax rates and municipal service levels for the community.

Preliminary Budget Document

Preliminary Budget Document

The preliminary budget documents provide a high level overview of the 2018 proposed budget with a break down of revenue and expenses across Municipal departments.  This document, which can be accessed online, has been reviewed by Regional Council and approved to be used as a starting point to facilitate public engagement.

To assist you in your review of the preliminary budget, slideshow presentation has been prepared, highlighting the key points of the budget.

2019 Annual Infrastructure Development Plan (AIDP)

AIDP Project Worksheet

Non-AIDP Project Worksheet

If you have any questions related to the preliminary budget, please do not hesitate to contact the Municipal Office at 250-774-2541 or email

Public Engagement


This year's budget process includes several options for you to provide your feedback on the budget, taxation and services offered in the community.  If you have any comments you would like to have included in Regional Council's final budget review (on February 25th), please  submit your comments in writing to by February 17th, 2019.





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