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Dispute Your Bylaw Ticket

Are you looking to dispute a bylaw ticket?

The NRRM has an internal system in place for receiving and processing disputes on the following bylaw tickets:

  • Animal Control
  • Business Licenses
  • Garbage and Wildlife Attractants
  • Noise Control
  • Property Maintenance
  • Signs
  • Traffic Control (Parking, Snow Clearing, Heavy Vehicle Use, Dangerous goods, etc)
  • Water Use

Associated fees and dispute options are set out within the Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw.

How to Dispute Your Bylaw Ticket

You have 21 days (after the date of your ticket) to initiate your dispute with the Municipal Screening Officer. Please contact the Municipality if you are looking to initiate a dispute:

NRRM Screening Officer:
(250) 774-2541

When sending email requests to initiate a dispute, please include the bylaw ticket number (nv...) and please also use BYLAW DISPUTE as the email subject line.

The Screening Officer will assist you in navigating the dispute screening process.  After reviewing evidence provided by you and and the Bylaw Enforcement Officer, the Screening Officer will either cancel your ticket, uphold your ticket, or offer you a Compliance Agreement. Your bylaw ticket will be reduced by half, when and if you sign a Compliance Agreement.  However, in accordance with this agreement, you must promise to not repeat the offending behaviour for one year - or else the full bylaw ticket amount will immediately become payable in full.

All activities of the Screening Officer are set out within the NRRM Screening Officer Policy. Click on the diagram below to explore in more detail possible Bylaw Dispute Screening and Adjudication pathways.

If you wish to appeal the Screening Officer's decision to uphold the ticket, you will have to engage in a provincially mediated Dispute Adjudication Process that is independent of the Municipality.  The Screening Officer will assist you through this process.

Bylaw Dispute Adjudication Process

The formal Dispute Adjudication process is set out by Part 3 of the Local Government Bylaw Notice Enforcement Act.  If you wish to proceed to adjudication, you will have to apply in writing for an Adjudicator to hear the case. A date will be scheduled, and the adjudication will take place at the Northern Rockies Municipal Hall, typically via teleconference.

Note. As required by section 19 of the Local Government Bylaw Notice Enforcement Act, all disputes heard by an Adjudicator must be open to the public.

If the Adjudicator rules that the bylaw contravention did in fact occur, they can order that the bylaw ticket be upheld, and that you immediately pay the full violation ticket charge PLUS an additional a $25 adjudication fee (to offset the cost of the process). If the Adjudicator rules that the bylaw contravention did not occur, your bylaw ticket will be cancelled and you will not be required to pay any penalties or fees.

Please contact us if you have any questions. 




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