Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

Animal Control

Animal Control is a contracted service that is available within Fort Nelson (see the Animal Control Bylaw coverage area on the map below). The Animal Control Officer is responsible for administering the Animal Control Bylaw. To contact the Animal Control officer, please call the Bylaw Enforcement dispatch system at:

(250) 774-2541 extension 2059

The Animal Control Officer is available between:

8:30am - 4:30pm Monday through Friday

To report an Animal Control Emergency, please contact the RCMP - Northern Rockies Detachment at (250) 774-2777.

To report or discuss other Bylaw Enforcement issues or concerns, please contact Bylaw Enforcement dispatch at (250) 774-2541 extension 2059.

Some common Animal Control issues include:

  • Dog and Cat Licensing
  • Animals at large (e.g., dogs and cats unleashed, off property)
  • Dangerous dogs 
  • Nuisance Animals (e.g. dogs and cats that howl or bark persistently)
  • Neglected Animals (e.g. dogs and cats in unsanitary or other unsuitable conditions)

Please be aware that Pit Bulls have been banned in the Fort Nelson area since 1989. “Pit Bull” means a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, or a crossbreed of any of the aforementioned breeds.

In accordance with section 14 of the Animal Control Bylaw, the Animal Control Officer has the ability to seize and impound offending animals, as well as levy monetary fines against offending owners.  Impounded animals are transported by the Animal Control Officer to Streeper Kennels: (250)774-2991

For more information on Animal Care and Safety in BC, please visit the BCSPCA websiteIf you suspect a local animal is being abused, please call the  toll free BC SPCA Animal Abuse Hotline: 1-855-6BC-SPCA   (1-855-622-7722)

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