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The Northern Rockies Regional Municipality City Hall is located on the West-side of downtown Fort Nelson at 5319, 50th Avenue South.  The pages in this City Hall section will guide you through all of the services and information you need to know as a resident, or future resident to the Municipality.  As well, citizens looking for printed information can find all Regional Council agendas and minutes, Municipal Bylaws and Regulations on the Northern Rockies Filepro Site.

History of City Hall

City Hall, or Town Square, was originally built as "The Polar Inn" during the local economic boom of 1978/79.  The Inn was severely burned during construction, but was rebuilt and opened briefly in 1980 - only to be closed permanently after the owner's wife was murdered and the business went into receivership. 

By the time the Village of Fort Nelson signed an Agreement to Purchase the property in October, 1983, the 94 room hotel was $4.5 million dollars in debt, and the Village agreed to pay $250,000 for 78,000 square feet of opportunity!

The West Wing was immediately resold  for $180,000 to the Provincial Government for use as a Senior Citizens' Housing Complex.  It was developed into 10 apartments, a recreational area, and laundry facilities.  Twelve additional units in the upper story were developed at a later date, bringing the total number of units to 22.  All are currently occupied by local seniors who wish to stay in the community into their old age.

The Village sold the contents of the old hotel (beds, bar equipment, kitchen equipment, etc.) for over $150,000 and set about converting the building into usable space.  The hope was to develop the building in such a way to benefit the greatest number of people and user groups.  In addition to the Regional Municipality offices and the Senior's Complex, the facility now houses the Fort Nelson Library, the Fort Nelson Playschool, ServiceBC, and the Phoenix Theatre.

The bears in the lobby of City Hall were approved to be sold by Council.  However, the general public objected so strongly that the bears were saved and are now a part of our local history.  Mother bear was approximately 7 years old, 7 feet tall, and weights over 700lbs.

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