Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

Zoning Bylaws

The NRRM has two Zoning Bylaws!  The NRRM Zoning Bylaw No. 119, 2016 covers the 'urban' area (seen in grey on the map below), or Fort Nelson townsite, while the NRRM Rural Zoning Bylaw No. 137, 2017 encompasses the remaining outlying rural area (all of the map that is not grey) of the Regional Municipality. Visit the Planning & Development page for more information.


 View Full Zoning Bylaw [PDF - 3.7 MB]

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Table of Contents

Section 1: Administration and Enforcement
Section 2: Interpretation and Definitions
Section 3: General Regulations
Section 4: Off-Street Parking and Loading
Section 5: Landscaping





Zone Regulations

(select relevant zone at right)

Section 6: Residential
Section 7: Agriculture
Section 8: Commercial
Section 9: Industrial
Section 10: Public Use


Map Schedules

Section 11: Comprehensive Development
Section 12: Development Permit Area Guidelines

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