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NRRM Climate Action Plan

What is the Climate Action Plan?

The NRRM has joined a growing number of municipalities that are committed to reducing their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and is working to meet the objectives set out by the Provincial Government. Local governments are required to institute greenhouse gas emission reduction targets, actions, and policies in the Official Community Plan by May of 2010. The Climate Action Plan will identify the best ways for NRRM to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions. The Climate Action Team will be working over the next several weeks to develop scenarios of different actions the community can take to reduce local emissions.

How are Emissions Forecasted?

A community's emissions are forecasted using the Community Energy & Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory's (CEEI's) that were prepared by the Provincial Government in 2009 for each community in the Province. The Project Team is in the process of reviewing the inventory for NRRM to make sure that it is an accurate picture of the current Greenhouse Gas emissions for Fort Nelson. The Baseline Emissions Inventory Report will be posted on this web site for people's review and interest.

What will the Plan look like in Action?

Some of the most successful Climate Action Plans don't focus on greenhouse gases at all, but instead focus on other important priorities of communities, such as; air pollution, traffic congestion, economic development, and quality of life. Taking charge of these kinds of issues has the added benefit of also reducing greenhouse gas emissions. For example, Grand Forks has focused their reduction targets on improving alternative transportation options for people, such as improved cycling lanes and walking paths. The Kootenays are improving the efficiency of local government fleet vehicles, saving money, and reducing greenhouse gases. The City of Dawson Creek has installed solar water heating systems on two municipal buildings. The City of Yellowknife has started a centralized composting program - free for residents. There are many possibilities - so come and help design the Climate Action Plan that's going to work for Fort Nelson.

Questions regarding this process?

Contact Jack Stevenson, Director of Community Development and Planning
(250) 774-2541

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