Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

Planning & Development

The Planning Department is responsible for zoning, development applications, subdivisions (including rural subdivisions) and other land-use related activities.  If you are planning any development in the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality, we are here to help.  Be sure to come see us BEFORE you get too far along in your plans!

The Planning Department utilizes some key documents to inform decisions:

Guides for Applicants

The Planning Department has developed guides to assist applicants.  In addition to those below, find the full offering of Planning Guides here.  Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

Rural Subdivision Standards

Until the NRRM creates and adopts our own rural subdivision standards, we will be using Ministry of Transportation (MoT) subdivision standards for rural subdivisions.  Until such time, applicants may use the MoT guide for reference.  Please contact us further details.

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