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Regional Economic Strategy Project

The Northern Rockies Regional Municipality is developing a Regional Economic Strategy. There is no better time than today to take a serious look at the economic future of our community. We will be asking the critical questions:

  • Where are we now?
  • Where do we want to be?
  • How do we get there – what’s our strategy?
  • What will success look like as we implement our plan?

From now through March 2019, the Regional Municipality assisted by Lions Gate Consulting will take a comprehensive look at all aspects and sectors of the NRRM’s economy to provide a foundation for a strategy to stabilize, rejuvenate, diversify and grow a sustainable future for the Northern Rockies.

The success of any process such as this depends on effective partnerships that include Governments, the Private Sector, Not-for Profits and the community at large. A representative Working Group is in place to provide insight and guidance and to encourage critical stakeholder engagement.

Opportunities for participation will take the form of Focus Groups, Interviews, Surveys and Workshops, and will key on Tourism, Forestry, Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Retail/Commercial business, the Public Sector, Not-for-Profits, General Business, and Transportation and Home-Based Businesses. Input will be sought from across the Northern Rockies.

The Regional Economic Strategy will be a roadmap written by the community and the Regional Council of the Northern Rockies.  Given its critical importance to the future of the Region, businesses and residents, Mayor Foster and members of Council will be involved in all aspects of the project.

Information on key events and progress being made will be updated regularly. Residents are encouraged to stay tuned and to be ready to pitch in.

More information will be posted and questions may be directed to:

Mike Gilbert

Regional Development Officer

250.774.2541 ext. 2043

Jack Stevenson

Regional Development Officer

250.774.2541 ext. 2041

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much is the Regional Economic Strategy going to cost?

The NRRM has undertaken the development of a Regional Economic Strategy with a fully grant-funded budget (Federal Gas Tax of $45,305) for which Lions Gate Consulting was selected with approval by Council to lead the project, consistent with the NRRM Purchasing Policy. Preliminary approval was also provided to support the future implementation of the Strategy once complete, for an additional (and optional) $10,000 (also grant funded).

Is any of the consulting going to be completed by local service providers? 

Supporting Lions Gate on the ground in Fort Nelson is sub-consultant Sonja Leverkus, who has been actively reaching out to business leaders (including the Chamber of Commerce) to begin asking some of those important questions noted in the news release.  

I don't use a computer or smartphone - how can I participate in the survey?

For those who prefer a printed copy of the Community Survey, hard copies of the document can be picked up (and dropped off when completed) at the Municipal Office or the customer service desk at the Northern Rockies Regional Recreation Centre. The survey will also be distributed through the post office and the Fort Nelson News. You can also call the Municipal Office at 250.774.2541 and make other arrangements to receive a survey - we're happy to help.

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