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Horn River Basin

The Horn River Basin is a geological formation in the North East corner of British Columbia, rich in unconventional shale-gas reserves.  Please browse this page, the items under "Horn River Basin on your left, and the "Related Links" on the right to learn more about the Horn River Basin.  

Fibre Utilization

A Potential Wood Fibre End Users Contact List for increased Fibre Utilization was released by the Fort Nelson Forestry Roundtable to help connect potential end users with Oil and Gas Companies with wood fibre on hand.

BCTS Oil and Gas WoodAs well, BCTS has launched a website where companies wishing to sell their timber can post the opportunity and have interested local parties bid on the timber.

Northern Rockies Partnership

Northern Rockies Partnership

To address the regional growth issues for the benefit of the whole region, the NRRM is partnering with Fort Nelson First Nation, and is working to expand the partnership to include Prophet River First Nation, Industry, and the Province in the Northern Rockies Partnership.   the NRRM continues to ensure we are well prepared for growth, to ensure positive impacts while mitigating the negative impacts of development.

Fort Nelson is the Service Sector hub of the Horn River Basin, and as such our local service sector is prepared for growth!  You can check out our business directory to find a local supplier, or contact the Fort Nelson and District Chamber of Commerce or EnergyServicesBC.

The Horn River Basin Producers Group is a group of the 8 major producers in the Horn River Basin.  By working together, they have been able to save on costs, work collaboratively to utilize more local service providers, and lessen their impact on the environment.

The NRRM works hard with industry to ensure a balance of economic prosperity and social and environmental responsibility.  To that end we have been active in various Environmental Assessment processes for pipeline infrastructure and natural gas processing facilities, evaluating the impact of up and coming land tenure sales, and continue to be involved in various provincial initiatives.

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