Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

Oil and Gas

The Northern Rockies - Shale Gas Capital of Canada has seen tremendous growth since 2009, in the number of new businesses, population, and interest in the area in both respects.

Shale Gas land tenure sales remain brisk in BC, with the province taking in over $3.6B in land sales and royalties in the Horn River and Liard Basins as of year end 2012.

The BC Government is currently in negotiation with the NRRM for long-term infrastructure funding to support the development and growth of the unconventional gas plays in northeastern BC, in preparation for the ultimate export of LNG to Asian markets. Akin to the Peace River's Fair Share Program, infrastructure negotiations will ensure that the costs of renewing aging capital infrastructure is not borne solely on the taxpayers.

Environmental Monitoring and Oil and Gas Development

Water consumption and supply in the use of production and completions (primarily for hydraulic fracturing) remains a primary concern for the NRRM and many other stakeholders. Alternative supply of water through saline wells such as the Debolt formation have been identified as viable solutions to ensure that fragile ecosystems and waterways remain in tact.

Recognized by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP), the Horn River Basin Producer's Group continues to be a leader in industry partnerships by working collectively to minimize the impact of development environmentally, socially, and by working with the communities and stakeholders directly to sustaninably manage the growth resulting from shale gas development throughout the region. 2011/2012 FAQ Document here.

Environmental reviews, Referral Requests, and Company Notifications are received and reviewed by our office regularly, and we ensure good relations with the Minstry of Forests and Range, the Oil and Gas Commission, and Public Works and Government Services Canada as they are the most prominent Provincial and Federal entities in the NRRM.

Having recently published their Guiding Principles on Hydraulic Fracturing, CAPP is taking a leading role in supporting responsible development in shale and tight gas exploration.


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