Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

Forestry Rejuvenation Project

“The NRRM: a natural resources based regional municipality focused on leadership, innovation and families.”


The NRRM's healthy and diverse forests remain a key long-term asset for our local economy. While large-scale operations have been suspended since 2008, our high quality green timber basket has been largely unaffected by the pine beetle infestation that has impacted a large part of BC (18.3 million hectares). 



The Annual Allowable Cut (AAC) of 1.6 million cubic metres, combined with an accumulated 16 million cubic metres of undercut volume, is a significant resource on which new operations could draw. This first class resource is ready to support long term sustainable development. 

It's time for BC’s forest sector to change. The NRRM believes that partnerships and local involvement are the future of forestry. 


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