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Physician Recruitment

Since 2005, the Northern Rockies has offered a series of incentives to newly relocating physicians, in an effort to make transitions for new residents and families easier, to enhance their experience of coming to a new community, and as a way to demonstrate their importance as part of the Fort Nelson health services team. Fort Nelson has a long reputation as being an open-arms community, closely rooted to, and with a love of the outdoors, a gateway to the Northern Rocky Mountains and all the activities there are to take in as a result. Small businesses ready to go the extra mile, an eclectic selection of retailers meeting more than the basic needs, and endless opportunities for entertainment and involvement, Fort Nelson is an amazing place to call home.

If you are interested in finding out about all the things the Northern Rockies and practicing in Fort Nelson has to offer, contact us at

Municipal incentives available for new physicians include:

  • Complimentary housing to suit the needs of the person or family, with utilities for one year. Terms after one year are negotiable on a case-by-case basis.
  • Provision of transportation on an interim basis.
  • Orientation of the community and to any organizations or businesses (e.g. Schools, Financial Institutions, Chamber of Commerce, Churches)

In addition, the Province of BC, with the BC Medical Association, offer a series of programs for rural physicians. With a detailed description found here, the programs include:

  • Rural Retention Program
  • Rural Continuing Medical Education
  • Rural Incentive Fund
  • Recruitment Contingency Fund
  • Isloation Allowance Fund
  • Rural Education Plan
  • Northern & Isolation Travel Assistance Outreach Program
  • Rural GP Locum Program
  • Rural Specialist Locum Program

Lastly, being a community of the operating area for Northern Health, the Health Authority offers a series of incentives in addition, such as relocation expenses and terms of compensation.

In early 2012, the Northern Rockies formed the Medical Services Advisory Committee, a group whose members represent elected officials, physicians, and health services. At present, the scope of the Committee has been largely research-based, looking at the protocols and processes involved in accessing services such as air ambulance, credentialing of international medical graduates, and interprovincial practices for physician recruitment.  To view minutes of the Medical Services Advisory Committee meetings, visit the Northern Rockies FilePro site here, and select the year of interest.

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