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The NRRM is excited to re-launch a project initially spearheaded by the "Downtown Beautification Committee" several years ago in Fort Nelson.  This simple yet important and effective partnership will be a collaboration between businesses in Fort Nelson and the NRRM.

The NRRM will have the bear proof cans painted in one of two colours, white or green. Business owners can then apply to "adopt" the can for a period of one year.  Once an agreement has been signed, businesses can affix (NRRM approved) logos and/or advertisements to the bear-proof cans.   The Municipality will affix a small NRRM logo indicating the year the receptacle was adopted for reference.

The adopting business is responsible for maintenance of the can, including the condition of logos and the overall paint condition. If graffiti appears on the can it is the sole responsibility of the business to have the graffiti removed, even if this results in requiring the can to be repainted, so that the general public appearance of Fort Nelson is not only improved, but also maintained at a higher level. The Municipality will be responsible for emptying the can on a regular basis. 

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Other Details

1) The cost of the one (1) year agreement will be $200. This agreement will be rewritten each year with payment due upon signing of the agreement.

2) The business will be required to perform regular inspections to ensure the can remains aesthetically pleasing, with written confirmation to the Municipality once every three Months verifying the overall acceptable condition of the graphics and paint.

3) The NRRM may, but will not be required to, inform the business owner of any graffiti, other damage, or deterioration of the can or its appearance.

4) The NRRM Recreation Department will inspect the can upon completion of the graphics, and apply a sticker indicating the year if graphics and condition of the can are appropriate.

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