Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

Incentive Programs

Fort Nelson is proud of being known to be 'open for business'.  In that spirit, programs are available to incent investment and business development in the Northern Rockies.

The Industrial Revitalization Tax Exemption Program was adopted in Fall 2018, recognizing the importance of stimulating and diversifying the local economy, generating permanent local jobs and encouraging development of industrial land.  

This is accomplished by relieving municipal property taxes payable on the revitalized value of a property on  investments made within our community, which meet a standard set of criteria.  For more information, visit the dedicated program page.

The Business Facade Improvement Program was developed using funding available from Northern Development Initiative Trust, to assist downtown property and business owners with the costs associated with street-oriented building facade improvements.  For more information about the Business Facade Improvement Program, visit the dedicated program page here.

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