Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

Business License Application Process


Check that your business is appropriate to the location's zoning. Please reference the Zoning Bylaw to ensure that your busines complies with the zoning regulations. Please note that Home-Based Business, Bed and Breakfast, and Home Industry regulations are found in Zoning Bylaw section 3.

You can also use BizPaL (see description to the right) to determine any other applications you may need to make, depending on the type of business you are proposing.

If you are unsure if your business complies with regulations, or need assistance to ensure that it does, feel free to contact us for clarification or assistance.


Fill out the business license application form and submit it in any of the following ways:

  1. drop it off in person to the Regional Development & Planning Department at the Municipal Office located at 5319 50th Avenue South, Fort Nelson, Municipal Square Complex.
  2. email it to the Regional Development & Planning Department:
  3. fax it to the Regional Development & Planning Department at the Municipal Office: 250.774.6794
  4. mail it to the Regional Development & Planning Department: Northern Rockies Regional Municipality, Bag Service 399, Fort Nelson, BC V0C 1R0


The business license application is then subject to four further internal steps:

  1. approval by the Planner
  2. approval by Fire Chief;
  3. approval by Chief Building Inspector;
  4. assignment of application fee by License Inspector per the Business License & Regulation Bylaw.


Within 5 to 10 business days, the applicant will be contacted by a Finance Department Clerk to inform of approval status, and confirm fee as assigned by Regional Development and Planning. Once the fee is received, the Finance Department will release the business license. The applicant may pay for and pick up the license from the Finance Department at the same time.

* Please note that if an application is submitted after August 1, the business license application fee will be reduced by 50%. Renewal of business license for following year will be subject to license fee in its entirety.

For fees associated with business license applications, please refer to Schedule "A" of the Business License & Regulation Bylaw.

For additional information, please contact the Regional Development and Planning Department at 250.774.2541 extension 2040 or fax to 250.774.6794.

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