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Building Demolition Process
Northern Rockies Regional Municipality Building Bylaw No. 111, 2015:
Section 6 (1) No person shall commence or continue any construction, alteration, reconstruction, demolition, removal, relocation or change the occupancy of any building, structure or plumbing system, including excavation or other work related to construction, unless a building official has issued a permit for the work.

To obtain a Demolition Permit you require the following:
  • Completed demolition permit application form
  • Site plan indicating the location of all existing structures and all proposed new buildings, if applicable
  • Acquire authorization and appropriate permits for any anticipated impacts to Municipal roads (including sidewalks and boulevards), such as obstructions or use of Municipal road rights-of way for construction or demolition equipment
  • Current Title Search which may be obtained from the Land Title Office
  • Completed owner authorization form if the applicant  is not the property owner
  • Payment of the permit fee
  • Damage deposit of $2,500 per building payable at time of demolition permit submission (refundable)

Please note that if the permit application is for the [partial demolition] of a commercial, multi-family, or industrial building, a registered professional will be required to provide a letter stating that the partial demolition will be carried out under his/her supervision to prevent any damage to the remainder of the structure.


It is the APPLICANT’s responsibility to:

  • Contact NRRM Finance Department to arrange water shut-off and sewage capping
  • Contact Fortis Gas for gas shut-off (1-888-224-2710)
  • Contact BC Hydro for electrical shut-off (1-877-520-1355)
  • Adhere to Section and 8.2.  of Division B of the BC Building Code  which describes Safety Measures at Construction and Demolition Sites
  • Ensure work complies with Section 5.6. of Division B of the British Columbia Fire Code, in some cases a construction fire safety plan may not be necessary, check with the Fire Department first
  • If the building is more than two storeys or over 6m (20’) high or the project value is over $100,000, you must obtain a Notice of Project from WorkSafeBC.

Once the Building Official is satisfied that all the requirements have been met, the Demolition Permit will be issued. For more information contact Regional Development and Planning.


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