Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

Toad River

Toad River is the second-most populous community in the NRRM with a population of about 40 persons. Toad River is home to a highway maintenance camp, a small school (part of School District #81), a Community Hall maintained by the Toad River Area Club (TRAC), two campgrounds, two lodges, and several guide-outfitting businesses.

Toad River is projected to grow over the next few years due in large part to the now completed Toad River Electrification Project .

The beauty of the area and Toad River's proximity to the Alaska Highway bring many tourists into the community where they can enjoy great hospitality and even leave a hat at Toad River Lodge, which has accumulated over 7000 hats affixed to the ceiling and walls of the establishment. To learn more about the Tourism and Recreational opportunities in Toad River, you can go to or click on the picture below:

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