Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

Other Alaska Highway Services Stops

There are many stops of interest along the Alaska Highway:  pullouts, viewpoints, and turnoffs near bridges are the most common, and there are also many Muskwa-Kechika Management Area (M-KMA) access points.  You can learn more about the M-KMA by going to their website or going to the National Geographic article on the area. 

Liard River Hotsprings is a gem on the way to the Yukon Territory.  This Provincial Park is a must-see if you live in the area, or if you are travelling through.  You can get more information on it at these two websites:

Tourism Northern Rockies


Fireside and Coal River are small communities between the Hotsprings and the Yukon Border, you can get more information on these areas by going to Tourism Northern Rockies or by clicking on the image below.

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