Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

Fort Nelson

At historic Mile 300 on the Alaska Highway, Fort Nelson is the gateway to the beautiful Northern Rockies.  With the world famous Alaska Highway as the main street, and thousands of square miles of mountainous wilderness as its back yard, Fort Nelson is the regional business and service centre of the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality.  While small, Fort Nelson is a family and recreation-oriented community full of pride, events, local groups and volunteering opportunities. The local independent businesses bring character and personality to this vibrant community. 

In our vast region, inhabited by less than 6,000 residents, the untouched natural wilderness we call our playground surrounds us.  An abundance of rivers offer access to the remote landscapes, rough and tumble mountains, and wildlife viewing for the adventure seeker, while the historic Alaska Highway offers leisurely access to mountain vistas, glacier-fed lakes, and places of historical and cultural significance.  Welcoming schools (elementary, secondary, and post-secondary), childcare options, accessible health services and other available amenities provide all one needs to call a place home.

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