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See the August 2016 Forestry Update Online


See the March 2016 Forestry Update Online Publication or  PDF [1.1 MB]


One of the outcomes of the Forestry Rejuvenation Project to date has been the creation of a draft proposal to the provincial government.  It embodies a number of concepts, chief among which, is the wish and need to give the communities within the NRRM greater influence over forestry and the forest resource in the region. It foresees a working partnership between area First Nations, the NRRM and the province with the goal of supporting the restoration of an environmentally and economically sustainable forest industry in the Northern Rockies.


Regional Council is committed to keeping the public apprised of the progress of the Forestry Rejuvenation Project. This will include the public release of any proposal made to the province of BC, once it has been presented to the Minister.



The Northern Rockies is actively engaged in discussions with the province and industry players in determining the best path to a return to full-scale forestry activity in the region. In keeping with the approach of initiating solutions ourselves, rather than simply identifying problems, the NRRM has published a Forestry Investment Overview, a document which has attracted significant media and industry attention.


 Forestry Rejuvenation ProjectA Forestry Rejuvenation Strategy is also in the process of being developed and implemented with Stage 1 just having been completed. 


Assessing forest industry potential from regional, national and international perspectives, and considering the profile of our forest resource, the report makes it clear that realities have changed and the days when a single or narrow product line operation is likely to succeed is past.  Rather, in order to be successful, a “clustering” of associated, co-operating operations, targeting a high percentage use of harvested wood fibre in a number of varied products has the best prospects.


The NRRM's healthy and diverse forests remain a key long-term asset for our local economy. While large-scale operations have been suspended since 2008, our high quality green timber basket has been largely unaffected by the pine beetle infestation that has impacted a large part of BC (18.3 million hectares). The Annual Allowable Cut (AAC) of 1.6 million m3, combined with an accumulated 7 million m3 of undercut volume, constitutes a significant resource on which new operations could draw. This first class resource is ready to support long term sustainable development.


The Forestry Investment Overview is available in pdf version, presenting the most up-to-date background information available, and outlining prospects for the forest industry in the NRRM.


The Q3 - 2014 Forest Investment Overview is also available in pdf version or a Mandarin version.

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