Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

Community & Economic Profile

Published in January 2013, the Northern Rockies Investment-Ready Community Profile was developed in partnership with the Northern Development Initiatives Trust as a tool for investors to find all the information needed for pre-feasability and feasibility assessments.  In addition to being available in print, in-person at the Northern Rockies Town Office, the Investment-Ready Community Profile is also available through the Invest Northeast Portal - a website featuring investment opportunities and community profiles across the Northeast.

 Northern Rockies Partnership

The Northern Rockies Partnership Information Sheet is also available, as a reference to the unique coming together of Local Government, First Nations, Industry and the Provincial Government for successful regional development. Fort Nelson First Nation and the NRRM have committed to working co-operatively to promote balanced, progressive, and successful regional development in the Northern Rockies.

Directory of Community Services

Developed by the Northern Rockies Children & Family Action Committee in partnership with the Northern Rockies, Success by 6, Children First BC, and the United Way, the Directory of Commuity Services is your go-to guide for Fort Nelson and the Northern Rockies, and all of the services you'll find here for your family! 


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